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Asteroïde 4346 is the name of our production company. Why ? Because the father of my partner Albena Shkodrova was an important Bulgarian astronomer, and asteroid 4364 was named after him by two of his colleagues. Eleanor Francis Helin and Schelte J. Bus discovered the asteroid at the Mont Palomar observatory on the 7th of November 1978. It's part of the main asteroid belt - see below.They named it Asteroïde (4364) Shkodrov.Vladimir Shkodrov himself discovered 7 asteroids.

Albena Shkodrova : This is Yayoi Kusama. My father would have been her age now. I absolutely love my father. And I totally love this artist! No idea why these two things somehow come together in my head. Must be the effect of the polka dot: the world is a (beautifully fragmented and gorgeously converging) miracle! I think it is that some of the paintings actually resemble the photographs of sections of the sky, which dad was taking with the big telescope in Rozhen to search for new asteroids.

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